Founders and CEOs


Nick Schneider, Brian NeSmith

Security Operations as a Service

Richard Gerstein

Connecting shippers and short-haul carriers


Artur Bergman, Gil Penchina

Edge computing platform and CDN

Drew Uher

Reinventing the residential real estate transaction

Andrew Boni, Justin Zhu

Сonsumer engagement and growth marketing platform

Brock Blake, Trent Miskin

Revolutionizing small business lending

Gleb Polyakov, Christine Spang

Productivity infrastructure for modern collaboration

Omri Iluz, Ido Safruti

AI driven botnet detection and management

Tom Pageler, Scott Purcell

Banking as a service for private issuances and digital assets

Acquired by ESW

Nicolas Stehle, Olivier Schott, Frederic Bocquet

Powering DTC e-commerce for global brands

Steve Munford, Tanis George, Steve Ufford

Global digital identify verification


Roy Banks, Brandon and Jared Rodman

Front office automation for local businesses

Gary Schofield, Jay Smith

Software infrastructure for e-commerce storefronts

Acquired by CITRIX

Andrew Filev

Collaborative work management platform

Anthemos Georgiades, Russell Middleton, Taylor Glass-Moore

Apartment rental marketplace